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Quality from conception to completion

There’s nothing more important than your company's reputation, so we tackle every project like it was our own. Our commitment and dedication to our products has given us a list of very satisfied, repeat clients. These include multinational corporations, worldwide aerospace and automotive industries. We’d love to add your name to it.

Industrial systems that you control and work for you!

Our system engineers do more than put parts in enclosures. They create systems that are reliable, easy to use, and energy efficient. All system are build to the highest standards. Our systems provide maximum OEE because we only fit quality components from 1st tier automation equipment manufactures

You dream it : We automate it

Don’t trust your dream project to just any firm. We use a stringent, client-centric process to ensure collaboration occurs at every critical junction and that you’re informed every step of the way.
It’s a thrill when you see your vision implemented right in front of you. Our systems engineers are trained and certified. Each must pass our own rigorous internal certification process as well as our automation partners certified engineer tests.

The commissioning phase happens like this:
  • Pre-install walkthrough with your system engineer
  • ​Installation (if required) of your new system & power up test
  • ​System integration into your process to ensure we’ve nailed it
We don’t build until you approve your new design to the very last detail. And thanks to our patented three-step process, we’re confident you’ll love your new systems. 

The Build phase happens like this:
  • Technician & system engineer is assigned to your project
  • Your system is assembled and wired
  • Function power-up testing and verification
  • Final inspection and dispatch
Our Design process is built around youand your process. You’ll collaborate with our factory trained engineering team to meticulously plan every detail without breaking your budget.

The planning phase happens like this: 
  • Initial consultation between you and a lead engineer
  • Delivery of detailed specification and budget document 
  • Follow up meeting with you to answer questions and get your approval
  • Parts procurement